Thursday, October 8, 2009

Exec Board minutes 9-18-09

Rachel Scharf, Josh Rinaldi, Shawn Seibert, Vivian Banks, Lauren Antelo, Soo Ah Lee in attendance

President Scharf calls meeting to order at 4:13 p.m.

Each member gave a brief introduction of themselves.

Rachel – Co-President

Lauren – Co-President

Shawn – Treasurer

Josh – Secretary

Vivian - Communications and Outreach chairwoman

-Soo Ah said she would like a position on the board.


Rachel gives welcome, discusses chapter requirements and dates of importance

- September 28 – money in, roles, and membership names to national.

- Our contact is Kirin Swanson at Net Impact


Shawn offered a synopsis of the re-recognition meeting with Milano

- $300 to be recognized as an official chapter.

- Rachel reminds the board to pay membership fees at to be an official member.

- We have $300 a semester from the New School for any different events we would like. We need to give them about 2 weeks notice.

- Rachel said she has $40 from fundraising still in her possession.

- Shawn reminds us that we all have $150 in printers from the New School. We should consider using that if needed when advertising for the events

- We should have a email address. Shawn’s working on it.


Josh said that we need to figure out how to engage undergrads in the program because they are at The New School longer.

- Perhaps going to classes and giving short presentations to the students there.

- Shawn may have a contact at Mannes

- Rachel has access to some deans

- Vivian suggests we all get the word out for now. She said there is a quick ‘elevator pitch’ on the Net Impact Web site.

- Josh will make a Google group for the exec

There was Discussion of a Web site for the organization.

- Shawn said he can build a “no frills” web site for us to use.

- Lauren might have a friend wiling to do it in pro bono.

- Josh suggests doing it as a blog because it’s easy to update. He will look into it.

Soo ah suggests selling food at events. Shawn will look into if there are any a la carte options

The idea is tabled until the next meeting. Everyone consider options.


Rachel recapped last year’s events

1. Kickoff event was talk with NI Co-Founder Mark Albion of the “More than Money Institute” (January)

2. Careers with a Conscience Job Fair—was more Milano piggybacking on Parsons. (Milano) Rachel said it was not too successful, requires advanced planning from career development leadership across the University (not Just Milano)

3. Documentary Film Screening of “Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America” (May) – huge success!

Rachel suggests we should have a follow up or perhaps a film series

Upcoming events:

- Ashoka Kick-off Sept. 21

- Breakfast Briefing Invitation Sept. 23 “Newsweek Green Rankings 2009: Implications for Investors”

- Bill McKibben is coming to speak Oct. 22. He was a religious person who became an environmental activist. This should be used in combination with:

- Oct. 24 is the international day of action. We are looking to do an event with Perhaps something on the 23rd as to not compete with Milano Day of Care.

Other options:

Try to follow up careers with a conscience, but more successfully. Perhaps in the spring to give us more time.

Josh suggests recruiting a person to be in charge of the conference. Vivian will draft a message to send to current Facebook group members.

Social outings

-Josh suggests we should host these no more than monthly.

Shawn said that if we include undergrads we can’t do anything that encourages alcohol consumption.

Perhaps the social coordinator takes this role.

Bowlmore has a weekly deal all you can bowl for a decent price.

Josh moved that Soo ah become our social chair. Lauren seconds. Motion carries 5-0-0.

Group challenges Soo Ah to get an event together at the Astoria beer garden before it gets cold. This could double as our event kickoff?

- Our sponsorship was requested on an event Monday, Nov. 9 for a workshop on sustainable and green jobs from Atlee Mcfellin. It could be branded as our event, if we reserve a room.

- Is it possible to have Carol Anderson to get a panel of alums in sustainable fields?

Vivian inquires if there are organizations or businesses worth partnering with?

Perhaps whole foods?

- Everyone is instructed to consider events until we have an events chair

Rachel will be emailing a more in-depth report of potential groups to partner with. She thinks there is a huge opportunity for change on our campus.

She also said that The New School got an f on the college sustainability report, but the information is not getting out there.

We should contact social entrepreneurship faculty with more ideas

Meeting adjourns at 6:49 p.m.

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